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*Please note current Haunted History tours are only available through private group  bookings. 

To inquire, please contact Group Sales at 314-499-7676.


About the Stifel Theatre Haunting:

Stifel Theatre is an old and undocumented haunting, deeply rooted in the history of St. Louis that we are now just discovering.   

Several buildings were torn down for the construction of the theater, then known as the Municipal Opera House, and these buildings were an integral part of historic St. Louis. Let our guides take you through the rich AND haunted history of a legendary venue.

Tickets are $30 each and include parking on 15th Street adjacent to Stifel Theatre.



About the St. Louis Paranormal Research Society:  

The St. Louis Paranormal Research Society is a small group of eclectic individuals who views the investigation of the paranormal not as a scientific endeavor, but one of personal exploration. The STLPRS is a self-funded group, whose mandate is to not only serve the paranormal community but also serve the communities in which we live.  Through our various endeavors, we not only raise money to support our own group, but we also help raise money to support private businesses, historical societies, and not for profit charities.

Our member's unique skill sets allow our organization to design, build, and research anything needed to conduct an investigation. Our realization that the study of the paranormal should be one of personal exploration allows us to use a simple, low-tech approaches when conducting an investigation. 

The St Louis Urban Exploration Society also explores the abandoned and forgotten aspects of our community. Our group’s diverse composition allows for a unique perspective into the exploration of the paranormal, the unknown, and the forgotten.