Private Events

Dessert Packages

Peabody Signature Desserts

Brioche Apple Cobbler - With vanilla bean ice cream 7.95

Warm White Chocolate Toffee Bread Pudding – With white chocolate Bourbon sauce 7.95

Chocolate Paradis – Layers of rich chocolate cake and chocolate mousse 8.95

Fruit Sorbet in Martini Glass – Flavors available, raspberry, lemon, passion fruit, gruppa sundried cherry, blood orange, more flavors upon request 5.95

Dessert Redefined

Chocolate Marquise – Bittersweet chocolate mousse with two layers of chocolate sponge 9.95

Tiramisu – Ladyfingers soaked with coffee liquor filled with mascarpone mousse 9.95

Crème Brûlée – French style vanilla custard in its own chocolate ramequin and caramelized with sugar 7.95

Tuxedo Truffle Mousse Cake – Dark chocolate and white chocolate mousse layered with marbled dark and white chocolate cake 7.95

Cheesecake – New York style served with fresh strawberries and a dollop of whipped cream 7.95