Mar 25, 2014

Fun Facts about the Broadway Show "Ghost The Musical"


A few facts you may not know about Ghost The Musical...

  • * 27 miles of cable are used in GHOST the Musical, which is enough to string the Arch top to bottom almost 227 times!  (The Arch is 630ft. high, a mile is 5280ft., so 5280/630 = 8.38, 8.38 x 27 = 226.29)

  • * In the movie Patrick Swayze was famous for uttering, “ditto” in response to Demi Moore's, “I love you.”

  • * The actress and understudies who play Molly, actually learned from professionals how to spin a pottery wheel. Each night two pounds of clay are used to turn make an actual pot on stage.

  • * Whoopi Goldberg won her only Oscar for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her work as Oda Mae Brown

  • * There are 69,000 musical notes in the vocal score